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Together we are turning up the courage

Creating trust through courageous leadership, ongoing social innovation and deep community building.

As individuals, networks, sponteneous groupings and communities.

We know it is up to us. We are ready. We are you.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
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Why Our Approach Works

Right focus
We start by looking at what you want or even by finding that out. Then and only then do we look at what is blocking you. Our philosophy is that working on blocks and healing them should only happen in service of moving towards a positive vision.

Best of both worlds! Bridging the coaching and therapy divide:
Imagine being able to move forward towards your highest vision of what is possible for you, in a pragmatic, focused way, AND be able to tackle your deepest blocks too, whenever they arise, for the rest of your life! Our integrated model allows you to do that.

Integral Model for Accelerated Transformation
We have created a model that allows you to do just that, to move towards a positive vision but also remove blocks. in the shortest time possible, and will enable you to clear what is blocking your path, and we will always then redirect you back towards your goals. We know that that is where you want to go and that you do not wish to stay walliowing in pain. Who would?

As deep as you need, in order to go as fast as you need.
We master this movement between the present, the future and the past, by using an integrated combination of coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Clear Mind Dialogue amongst others, we often clear things up that have been unresolved for years. See more about the techniques we use HERE.

Beyond Systemic
We recognise that challenges to the individual must be understood in a CONTEXT. The bigger picture is important as there will be context-specific issues that cause an individual to behave a certain way. This appreciates systems that are in place, from family systems to political.

We connect world views. See our core personal transformation models to get a fuller sense of the world view that we bring together, from science to the humanities.

Holistic- a deep, connected wholeness
A holistic approach recognises that systems are intimately connected between the micro and macro level. This honours the fact that an individual impacts and can change a system just as much as a system can change an individual. That is why it is vital that in any kind of transformation approach, the individual and the group/systems level must be considered. By helping individuals to to see their bigger picture, we empower them far more than if we ignore their context. By helping groups to recognise the power of the individual, we can acheive more as a group.

OUR approach is holistic and therefore connects.
CONNECTS The micro level to the macro level (individual through to group impact and beyond)
CONNECTS The individual to the group: we can support an individual challenge as well as a group challenge
CONNECTS The mind, body spirit and heart to one another
CONNECTS The left brain to the right brain.
CONNECTS Creative techniques with rational approaches and models
CONNECTS The human being to her environment
CONNECTS Personal purpose with Unque Role in the World.
CONNECTS Coaching with Therapy

Beyond EITHER/OR Dualistic thinking
We go beyond dualistic thinking (the either/or thinking trap that many people and organisatioins fall into) but are firmly rooted in the reality of current times.

What does this look like?
  • Inner Change AND outer change
  • Micro AND Macro
  • Making a difference AND making a living
  • Rational AND Intuitive
  • Mind AND body AND emotion AND spirit!
  • Money and fulfillment: who says you can't have it all?

  • We go with the pleasure
    It the most natural thing to want pleasure. The human being has an inbuilt pain-avoidance mechanism. There is a lot of logic in that! Trouble is, our thinking habits can lead us to find pleasure in things that actually cause us pain. How on earth can that be? Quite easily actually. Self-awareness is the way to address this. And understanding what it means to have choice. When things happen outside our awareness, it is somewhat difficult to choose for them not to happen! We can sometimes get around this by ‘fake it till you make it’ approaches, but in some cases you will need to work at a deeper level, and we can help you to do that in a way that ‘goes with the pleasure’. Life was not meant to be a pain party. We believes that this leads to unnecessary suffering. Even in ‘tough times’ humans have a capacity to achieve amazing feats of the mind and to see things in a way that brings them joy. We follow the natural pleasure drive with full awareness, leading you with an approach that is both gentle and incredibly powerful at the same time.

    We understand the risk in success and love and dreams.
    We know that those who risk big love and big success and big dreams, will need to deal with tough emotions that arise at certain points in any big leap, such as fear along the way. We know this intimately and have mastery in handling these moments. So many people quit when they are one battle away from winning the peace. Inner peace, outer peace. Anyting that involves making a change will mean the ground beneath your feet will have a different substance to it. You need to be able to deal with that if you are to risk

    We are not afraid of your ‘stuff’. We know it is not you.
    We are not shy when it comes to facing tough issues. We help you to deal with them quickly and move on. How can we move so quickly? The answer is that we know that if you avoid dealing with things that are blatantly present, you are just postponing the task for another day, by which time it will have gathered more ‘stuff’ around it. In developing the mental and emotional muscle to process and deal with your stuff in bigger amounts, you will be able to transform your life at an unbelievably fast rate. And yet still, there is no rule as to how much stuff there is to resolve. How could anyone know what should or should not lie beneath the surface. The most important point is that you are able to deal thoroughly with what comes up at any point in time, and clear up this issue for you for good. We are in this for the long run and always a partner to you in this process.

    Although we are not responsible FOR you, we are responsible to you, and you will find that all our clients leave us with a sense that they are not alone, and feel our genuine care for their future.

    We are not afraid of conflict.
    We know that it is how conflict is managed that will determine the impact of the conflict. We are able to catch potentially damaging conflicts early on in the process. We know that conflict often arises, as chaos does, when big issues are at stake and change is in progress or around the corner. We recognise that it is in cleverly balancing the competing and conflicting factors, and finding and building on common ground that conflict can be turned in to creative energy for a group. We can help your group to achieve this transition.

    Sometimes it's beyond the mind
    Contrary to what we might think, it is not in dealing with our problems that we encounter pain, it is in the way we look at them. So sometimes we need a thinking transplant! Its is problematic though when we cannot identify which thoughts are causing us problems.
    we may then need help to recognise what exactly we are thinking that is proving the source of our problems. In this case we need to use approaches that go beyond thinking, in order to fix our thinking!

    Mind or no-mind?
    In Budhism there is the mind that is useful, the DOING mind, and the mind that is useless which we call the thinking mind. The DOING mind helps us to do whatever it is we need to do, using our intellect. Ie. fix a problem, reflect on a challenge, do our job, talk to a group, operate machinery etc. The useless mind is the part of the mind that starts fretting over imagined problems or misrepresenting other people and generally thinking unconstructive thoughts.
    We do not aim to stop you using your intellect - this is important afterall! But we do aim to quieten the useless part of the mind. Our clients have found a deep sense of power and peace on distinguishing between these two types of mind.

    Here's what will you experience when you engage with us as an individual:

    Often, experiencing the belief of another person in you, will literally igntite new neuron pathways in your brain, and spark a whole host of inner connections, as though many of your inner circuits are turned on in one instant. That's what happens when you get inspired. A part of you comes (back) to life. Anew identity can grow or be strengthened. Its through this process that we literally have the power to create each other as we go along. That's the potential and power in healthy community that we seek to foster at Turn Up the Courage.

    If we create each other, in our daily perceptions, then most of all we (re)-create ourselves, in the thoughts, beliefs and images that we have of ourselves. That's great news, as we do have the power to change these deeper patterns and behaviours. That forms a huge part of the flavour of Turn Up the Courage. Helping you to choose what kind of person you want to become, and step into that, at your own pace. For some people this is more a process of coming back to who you really already are. Re-member-ing your future. We will support you to find your flow, and encourage you along the way.

    Another big flavour of the Turn Up the Courage service is about being a bridge. We are moving into an era of inclusivity in new paradigms of thinking; overcoming separation on many different levels. There is nothing to fear, and yet fear can arise when change happens quickly. We can help you to be alchemists, turning fear (yours and others) into courage, and let your deeper intelligence be your guide.

    When all is said, we exist to throw some more fire on your flame. No matter how small it is. We know it is there and look forward to fanning that flame, and doing some good old listening to your heart and supporting you to take action. Perhaps it is time the heartfelt wisdom in you got a bit more say in things!