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FAQ about Coaching

There is a change afoot in society. The role-model of the lone ranger, is gradually becoming inadequate as the only guiding character to lead people to great achievements.

There is growing recognition that we live in an interdependent world where synergy and co-operation play as great a role as competition, and knowing where to get help when needed is seen as as valuable a skill as solving a problem independently in isolation.

Where has coaching come from?
Coaching has emerged as a powerful tool for supporting people to move into high performance and fulfillment. It originates from the sporting world. It is one of a plethora of ways of getting support and assistance in your path to greatness. (In our model we integrate coaching with other tools and techniques. See more about this under the description of our core personal transformation model.)

What is the philosophy behind coaching?
The cornerstone of coaching is that the client is creative resourceful and whole. There is not an assumption that the client has a problem. People rise to challenges all around the world on a daily basis. The human being is capable of incredible feats.

Most people however people do not tap into their real potential. The coach uses his/her processional skills to help the client to reach for more in order to achieve a deeper level of fulfillment as a result of living a life in synch with her/his values and purpose.

When we combine coaching with other techniques, we have a model in which you are able to move forward, but in which you are also able to resolve blocks that stop you from stepping into your potential. This means you can make quantum leaps in your change project.

Does receiving Coaching mean I am not capable of making progress alone?
The challenge of making actual changes will never be taken from you! It is only you that can rise to these challenges. The coach will simply remind you that these challenges exist and will invite you to step forward towards them and via the coaching progress enable you to rise to those challenge more quickly and with less struggle you will reach your goals faster.

"Most of us share the myth that if we accept support we diminish our own achievements…somehow help looks like…a personal defeat. But if we stick with this line of reasoning, we become old before our time…You don't have to do it alone! Support is all around you . . .and connecting with it will allow you to do things the easy way" Maria Nemeth, pHD.

There is no top-performing athlete that is not surrounded by a host of world-class support. This does not diminish their genius; on the contrary - it allows it to emerge and they are very aware of this. For example, Tiger Woods is surrounded by experts of different kinds. His coach is not necessarily a golf champion, but he is an expert in helping people to fulfill their potential.

For who is coaching appropriate?
Coaching is used by executives, employees, freelancers, CEOs, politicians, activists, parents, teenagers and directors.

For what situations to people typically use coaching?
People who have decided they want to make a change or who are at a crossroads.
People are serious about investing in themselves and have a belief that it is possible to fulfill their potential and are ready to commit to themselves. See more about common coaching situations and topics here.

In making a commitment towards coaching you are making a commitment towards yourself. You are sending the message to yourself that your mission is a valuable one and that the world will be better off with it manifest now and that you are serious about making it happen. Yes this is a bold claim. But if you don't make this stand for yourself and for your spirit, who will? Coaching is just one of the different ways of committing to yourself on this level and we will not claim that it is a panacea to world problems. But if you are open to it, you have a chance to go into a much higher gear and to reach your goals more quickly and with less struggle

Why hire a coach?
We know that you are already successful and we also believe that with a coach you will move towards your goals more quickly and you will be much less likely to abandon your dreams of creating deep change through your commitment your higher purpose.

The Coach is there with one objective, to keep you to your own true agenda. To help you identify those goals that would make you intensely joyful. The ones that you would drop everything for to achieve.

The coach is a partner, a mirror to you, to encourage you to step over the line to commit to your dreams, to take action. The coach is totally dedicated to your dreams and will invite you back to aim for them when you feel like running away.

The Coach will also create a space to BE, with no judgment, but an undying belief in your unlimited potential. The ultimate aim of the coach is to give you, the client, the coaching skills themselves, so that you not only get onto the path that they want, but you can keep themselves on it.

How does it take place?
Most coaching takes place over the phone, the client phoning the coach. With internet telephony there is also the possibility of using SKYPE technology which provides superb sound quality and which is also free)

How long does a coaching session last?
Coaching session last up to one hour each.

Is Coaching also carried out face-to-face?
Yes! And if you are not sure whether coaching by phone will work for you then why not call for a consultation session and try it out!

Can I hire a coach for a short time period or a for a specific/one-off session?
Yes! We offer a variety of coaching offerings. See our Coaching Packages

How long does a coaching relationship last?
The average relationship is 6 to 9 months for the coaching programmes though some coaching relationships last longer.

It will depend on your needs and the nature of your change project and the depth to which you wish to go in your work of transformation.

You also have the choice to book the Courage to Go! Package which leaves you free to drop in for a session when you feel like it, with no commitment to a longer course of coaching.

How much does it cost?
We cater to many different budgets. Click here to see the range of packages available.