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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
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Emotional Freedom Technique

If you haven't already heard about Emotional Freedom Technique yet, you no doubt will do very soon.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help you to remove your blocks, and to change your limiting beliefs.

What exactly is Emotional Freedom Technique?
EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture, except we don't use needles. Instead, we stimulate the meridians by tapping on them with our fingertips.

How does it work?
EFT works by re-balancing energy. It is a Meridian Therapy. Although there is not a lot of scientific data in this field, science is slowly reaching very exciting conclusions about why these kind of meridian therapies work. Read on further to see what it can do for you

What can I use it on?
EFT has been proved to work on:
Stress * Anxiety or panic attacks * Post traumatic stress disorder * Grief, sadness or depression * Fears or phobias * Low self-esteem or limiting beliefs* Addictive cravings * Relationship problems

The benefit for the average person
It is highly practical and can be used on all the normal every-day blocks.

How Turn up the Courage can help you
If you would like to experience the benefits of EFT with a qualified practitioner, just drop a iine to EFT@turnupthecourage.com. Sofia is on the Level 3 Program and can work one-to-one to help you remove your blocks and change your limiting beliefs. In addition, Sofia runs group sessions. Check our workshop page for the next scheduled EFT Workshop. EFT is also integrated into the Turn Up the Courage transformation products.

For more information
You can find out about Emotional Freedom Technique at the excellent website and resource centre:www.emofree.com. If you go to this site, you will get a sense of the astounding range of problems, symptoms and illnesess that EFT can be applied to. You will also get a realistic appraisal of its benefits.

'It is a pleasure to work with Sofia. She is warm, supportive and encouraging, and very insightful. I have found the sessions we have done incredibly helpful and what I particularly love is that it all seems so effortless, even when we have been dealing with some really deep stuff. She is very good at picking up on what I am trying to express, and noticing what is at the core of things. I definitely get the feeling that Sofia has my best interests at heart and there is no ego at play with her, and she encourages self-reliance instead of dependence on her, which is rare indeed amongst practitioners. I really appreciate this, and all that we have achieved but without all the pain and anguish, and gut-wrenching that I have experienced in some other healing processes. I am very grateful to Sofia for her help and her skill and caring."

Jaki Kennedy, Authentic Business Guide


Emotional Freedom Technnique

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) often works where nothing else will.