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Together we are turning up the courage

Creating trust through courageous leadership, ongoing social innovation and deep community building.

As individuals, networks, sponteneous groupings and communities.

We know it is up to us. We are ready. We are you.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
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Coaching Packages

Choose between 3 Turn Up the Courage Coaching Packages.

Courage to Go!: For a quick top-up. Click here for more about Courage to Go!

Courage 500: One to two sessions per month. Click here for more about Courage 500.

Courage 1000: Three to Four Sessions per month. Click here for more info about Courage 1000.

Coaching in Organisations Click here for more information

Which package to choose from? You will need to think about what kind of change you intend to make and how intensely you want to work on it. For a guide on how long you will need, based on Sofia's experience of coaching hundreds of people on diverse personal transformation issues just click here.

All our coaching packages integrate other transformation techniques, custom to your needs.

Click above on the links for more details about the 3 Coaching Packages.

Click here for workshops and courses to help you to Turn Up the Courage with others.

A free consultation is available to you in every case. Book one here now!

What will transformation with Turn Up the Courage bring you?