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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
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Richard 54, has led his own 11-person consultancy on clean energy research for the past 15 years. He wants to nurture more of his leadership potential in the wider energy industry. He also wants to create a more secure financial situation for his retirement.

Richard could not imagine retiring from the work that he loves any time soon. He knows he will always be involved in interesting projects. Still, since his family is quite young he does not feel ready to compromise on either of his wishes.

Here is what happened.

After addressing some deeper questions he realised that he could definitely play a bigger game in his industry. With a major financial share in his organisation and a deep commitment to its aims, we looked at what kind of set up would allow him to explore this role, while allowing him to build some more security for his future. He concluded that his company was in a stable enough condition that would now allow him to take a step back from day to day operations.

He took up a 4-day a week position as a programme director with a govenment-funded funded initiative in biofuels. This work was necessarily cross-sectoral, and enabled him to continue his private work while building more commercial industry contacts. This also provided him with the opportunity to gain more gravitas in his field, as he contributed to moving the industry forward.

We also worked on his relationship to money and unearthed some issues that were preventing him from creating more wealth. In applying these new found tools diligently to himself, he created a different sense of what was possible for him financially. He developed a strategy for breathing new life into his approach to investments. Richard's future financial situation now looks very bright, and he is certainly developing more of his inner and outer leadership in his broader environment.

Richard, 54, CEO Biofuels Consultancy