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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
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Matt is a seasoned social entrepreneur. From his early teens he has launched his own initiatives with a desire to make a difference. His community capacity building program has run successfully across two inner London boroughs. Two goals are currently on his mind. Scaling up efforts, but also his relationship, which he values highly. He is unsure how to juggle the two.

He has a gut feeling that things are right with his relationship but doubts do appear, frequently enough to keep him hanging and to make him nervous about launching more of his energy into his work. He wants clarity. After several months of making no headway he decided to work with Turn Up the Courage to become much clearer about his priorites in these two areas.

Here is what happened:

Matt soon realised that the two issues were intimately linked. We outlined his relationship goals and where he currently stood in relation to them. He saw that he had lost sight of what he belived could be possible for a partnership. He was gradually able to involve his partner in his coaching work, armed with a structure to discuss their potential common future. This was both liberating and empowering, if a little frightening at first. When they answered some tough questions together in relation to their core needs, they realised how much they already had in place, as well as what they would have to let go of if they wanted this to work. A new deeper commitment happened quite naturally as they saw their needs in terms of their deeper values and dreams and were able to see those in each other. They saw the need for them each to track their relationship goals regularly but they could now get on with enjoying the relationship!

Partnership was a theme for his bigger adventures too. After outlining the kind of organisations he wanted to engage with more, he realised it was time to make the leap and put the stake in the ground for his big 'umbrella' dream. With his own relationship now more woven into his future plans, he was ready to do so. Matt and his partner are now discussing plans for starting a family. He feels confident that he and his partner can keep their own dreams alive with the kind of supportive relationship that they are constantly re-creating.

Matt, 33 seasoned social entrepreneur