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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
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Marco is a marketing guru based in Italy who wanted to do work with CSR. He had developed his own CSR approach to cause related marketing. He saw the potential in launching his product and he wanted to know should he stay within his organisation or should he go?

Here is what happened

We sat down with Marco and after working on his life purpose, easily identified where he wanted to be in his next 10 years. We knew that this could change, but it was enough guidance for him, for now. He saw himself as a new media author on innovative community market creation initiatives. He realised that if he were to stay, he wanted to be part of the formative conversations in his organisation. His organisation was less open so he decided to go it on his own , but not without some bridge-building conversations with the directors.

Seven months later his old organisation approached him and asked to buy his venture, to which he agreed. He has now moved on to starting a small consultancy on marketing to the bottom of the pyramid. He is very excited at the possibilities for opening new markets for organisations in a way that empowers rather than exploits, enabling more of the global community to have access to the kinds of products that he has long enjoyed. He has intensified his profile as a pioneer in the field.

Marco, 36 advertising high flyer and CR guru