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Together we are turning up the courage

Creating trust through courageous leadership, ongoing social innovation and deep community building.

As individuals, networks, sponteneous groupings and communities.

We know it is up to us. We are ready. We are you.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
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We are visionaries and see many possible futures. Our aim is to help realise futures that create healthy communities.

In healthy communities, there is a natural appreciation and care for the environment. Solutions for a sustainable planet are more likely to emerge.

We are here to:

  • Create communities that are functional and loving places, where each person is supported to perform to his/her maximum ability.

  • Spread more empowerment skills into society. To enable individuals and groups to take away the methods we bring, and use them on themselves.

  • Foster cultures based on collaboration AND healthy competition: Coopetition.

  • Facilitate the transition of groups and individuals into the new and emerging paradigms, minimising pain and maximising fulfilment.

  • Be contagious with our courage. COURAGE: comes from the word HEART. The heart is a powerful organ and is connected to a wider intelligence. We believe that the MIND should be a servant to the heartís deeper purpose, processing the wisdom that comes from being connected to our bigger picture. Ultimately we want to help our clients to connect with their heart, overcoming fear in the process and freeing others to do the same.