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Together we are turning up the courage

Creating trust through courageous leadership, ongoing social innovation and deep community building.

As individuals, networks, sponteneous groupings and communities.

We know it is up to us. We are ready. We are you.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
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Csikszentmihaly defined the experience of FLOW as the following:

  • Effortless of action due to intrinsically rewarding situation
  • Clear goals
  • Loss of self-consciousness
  • Concentrating and focusing
  • Distorted sense of time (as though time expands)
  • Direct and immediate feedback
  • Balance between ability level and challenge
  • A sense of personal control over the situation or activity

  • Are you ready to discover an entirely fresh and holistic approach to transforming challenges into effortless success? No matter what the challenge, Turn Up the Courage can help you accelerate personal and group transformation and to experience sustained FLOW

    Turn Up the Courage definition of FLOW

    sustainable peak performance which feels natural unforced, leading to a virtuous circle positive upward spiral in achievement, expectation and self-belief.

    Cast your mind back to the last time you experienced these aspects, as a team, or as an individual. Turn Up the Courage will help you to create and sustain this experience.