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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
Links to Amazing People

Some outstanding individuals who are leading they way in the process of inner and outer change.

Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace winner in 2006, Professor Muhammad Yunus has transformed Bangladesh. This country is the only one in the world which is on course to reach the millenium development goals of reducing poverty by one half by 2015. That is a statistic not to be missed!

His new book "Creating a world without poverty" outlines his vision for the eradication of poverty.

Check out this 3-minute Youtube featuring a 12 year old child asking Professor Yunus whether microcredit is here to stay.

Scilla Elworthy

Scilla Elworthy has been an inspiration to me for many years. She has been nominated for the nobel peace prize three time, for her work in conflict resolution.

See a 10 minute film clip by clicking on this link: Short Film on Scilla Elworthy.

Byron Katie

Times magazine have described Byron Katie as 'A visionary for the new millenium'. To me she is that, and more as she is a true master in applying her philosophy. She applies the Gandhian concept of "Be the change you want to see in the world" to one's thoughts, with a
deceptively simple technique and stunning clarity. She offers a constant 'invitation' to go inside onself and to take responsibility for any situation by questioning one's thinking.

Byron Katie's method is called The Work, and is effective in bringing joy, happines, inner peace and an end to confusion. It has been described as a kind of Socratic Dialogue. "Believing our untrue thoughts is a sure way to scare ourselves to death" Byron Katie. 'The Work' has changed the lives of thousands of people.

See and hear it here: Short Video and Audio Clips demonstrating Byron Katie at work

See the official website for The Work: www.thework.com

For people who want to change the world, I think this (The Work) is one of the best courses or personal development processes available. It is a razor sharp tool for peace.

There is no conflict between inner peace and activism.

"I've heard people say that they cling to their painful thoughts because they're afraid that without them they wouldn't be activists for peace. “If I feel peaceful,” they say, “why would I bother taking action at all?” My answer is “Because that's what love does.” To think that we need sadness or outrage to motivate us to do what's right is insane.
As if the clearer and happier you get, the less kind you become. As if when someone finds freedom, she just sits around all day with drool running down her chin. My experience is the opposite. Love is action."
Byron Katie

" I don't want to stop you from living out your true nature. I don't want anything to stop you from living out what is kind"
Byron Katie

On 'doing what needs to be done'...'this is to move as the awareness of creation. As grace. Awake action'
Byron Katie

Her premise is that when we are free of our stories, our true nature moves us naturally to act compassionately towards other human beings.

Here are her thoughts on this topic in an interview