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We know it is up to us. We are ready. We are you.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
 •  Testimonials

"Sofia helped me to focus on what my most imaginative dreams, at their fullest potential, could feel, look and be like to live. Thanks to her thoughtful presence and constant support, I emerged a career that I never knew existed: that of a Thought Pilot. Sofia stretched my imagination, knew exactly when to guide me and when to leave me to my own devices and had an intuitive ability to share the right story at the right occasion. Sofia‚s practical skills around career and marketing reassured me that making the leap to becoming a Thought Pilot was possible. Indeed, Sofia helped me to remember that this beautiful world has an abundance of exciting and untapped potential. Thanks, Sofia, you‚ve set me on course for the journey of a lifetime!"

Julia Forster, Thought Pilot- Guiding your creative process

"It is a pleasure to work with Sofia. She is warm, supportive and encouraging, and very insightful. I have found the sessions we have done incredibly helpful and what I particularly love is that it all seems so effortless, even when we have been dealing with some really deep stuff. She is very good at picking up on what I am trying to express, and noticing what is at the core of things. I definitely get the feeling that Sofia has my best interests at heart and there is no ego at play with her, and she encourages self-reliance instead of dependence on her, which is rare indeed amongst practitioners. I really appreciate this, and all that we have achieved but without all the pain and anguish, and gut-wrenching that I have experienced in some other healing processes. I am very grateful to Sofia for her help and her skill and caring."

Jaki Kennedy, Authentic Business Guide

"I quickly learned that Sofia is extremely insightful and has a natural gift for seeing where a person’s energy is. In our first session, Sofia helped me to realise that although I was clear on the impact I wanted to have, I was not happy with the role I had narrowly defined for myself based on my past experience in the accounting/finance field. Sofia helped me to see my past experience as a means of serving a career I could choose based on what would really be fulfilling for me. This opened up a whole new set of possibilities and led to me choosing a graduate program in change agency. I began the program two months ago and I could not be happier with my decision.

During our second session Sofia helped me to re-brand my CV to the sustainability field. Again, in a very short space of time, Sofia helped me to understand my skills and experience from a new perspective and then translate them in marketable terms by applying her extensive knowledge of the field. Rather than sounding like a generic finance CV, my CV now more authentically expresses who I am and more clearly articulates my experience to the sustainability community.

In addition to all of Sofia’s knowledge and expertise, she is also very warm and caring. I simply cannot thank Sofia enough for the change she helped bring about in my life and I wholeheartedly recommend her services."

Nicolette lindquist, Certified Public Accountant and aspiring change agent