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Together we are turning up the courage

Creating trust through courageous leadership, ongoing social innovation and deep community building.

As individuals, networks, sponteneous groupings and communities.

We know it is up to us. We are ready. We are you.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is just taking the next step.
About Sofia

About Sofia and Turn Up the Courage

Sofia is the woman behind Turn Up the courage. Read more about Turn Up the Courage's vision for a sustainable future and our personal mission related to that, by clicking here.

We or Me ?
Turn up the Courage is a brand that has been initiated by Sofia. Most of the work of Turn up the Courage involves other people and Sofia regularly works with her associates - a small swarm of people who espouse similar values and who have their own ventures. The model of work is similar to producing a film. When it happens, a group of different independents are drawn together to produce something and then when it is over they disperse.

About Sofia

Sofia has a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London. She started her career at British Airways, where she moved from systems analysis and project management to learning and facilitation. She then left BA to move more fully into people and organisational development, and, after a number of small roles across various industries, has run a business as a coach, facilitator and change agent since 2005. She has a balance of analytical and intuitive skills and experience, straddling engineering and business analysis, to personal and team development.

Sofia is a change agent and has gone through her own journey towards the work that reflects her core identity. She is herself living proof that a big change in career is not only possible but worthwhile! She has created a life where her work is fully aligned with her core purpose.

Working with individuals, she delights in showing people how to bring seemingly disparate aspects of their career into alignment, each aspect contributing gems towards their core offering. She has worked with directors, parents, teenagers and executives. In all cases she will find commonality in the different stages in their journey and enable them to put their finger on the connecting threads. A light will go on as they see, often for the first time, the bigger picture of their life path.

In organisations and networks, Sofia�s strength is in building a collective vision and tapping into the collective intelligence of the team or network to turn that vision into reality. She has pioneered techniques to help teams to do so. See the above diagram for the link between Sofia�s early desire for a supportive community that works, to her current core offering: � to create organisations and communities that are powerful and supportive places for people to move into flow and achieve all they could dream of. Each part of her journey has contributed to achieving her deepest longing and her business offering is based on this.

Community Focus

Turn Up the Courage is founding partner of Melanin Partnership, a Brixton-based think-do tank operating as a social enterprise, with the core aim of creating innovative and practical solutions for local communities. Melanin actively links these solutions to related macro-level activities and thereby facilitates relevant access to opportunities for those who otherwise may be excluded.

Our venture was featured in the video in the following link:


NEWS! Since January 2008 Melanin have moved from our small office space into a larger open unit in Piano House, Brixton. Please see our new informational page at this location.


>Lifecoach for Lifeworth. Since 2003, Sofia has coached individuals who want to make a difference to the world

>Member of Contented, a small networked-based consultancy focused on enterprise, education and community innovation across the UK.

>Associate of Systemische Beratung Dusseldorf. focused on systemic consultancy and cultural change.

>An active knowledge steward with Pioneers of Change, focused on the practice of minimal social interventions that hone the collective intelligence of change agency networks towards their own home-grown solutions.

>member of Sol Jeans - an informal network of the Society for Organisaional Learning.

Current Training

>On the Facilitator Certification Programme of "The Work of Byron Katie"

Sofia has drawn courage along the way from networks of support, from mentors and coaches and from her family and friends.